We eliminate barriers to communication between different cultures and languages

The reason why we do what we do is simple: "we want to eliminate communication barriers between different languages and cultures". This motivation guides us in all the choices we make. We can help you whether you need a perfect translation of a simple text or a customised solution for your translations.

Our Story

It was early 2013 when we needed a translation for our first project. We wanted to go international and reach new customers worldwide, and English-speaking people were not our first target. Of course, we had already set up our website and products in English at the time, but as we said, we wanted true internationalisation. We wanted to reach the Russian, Chinese and Arab markets. Well, it wasn't that easy.

We found some (apparently) good options, but the prices were exorbitant and the delivery times very high. And when we did find some cheaper alternatives, the quality of the translation was very poor. These were translations that failed to convey the message we wanted.

We began to realise that we had come into contact with a sector that could be improved. At the same time, by a stroke of luck, a friend referred us to a group of his linguist friends who, in addition to their regular work in the company, were freelancers translating from English into Simplified Chinese, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic (not exactly the most accessible translations you could ask for!). They were doing perfect translations, but they had two problems: 1) they took a long time and 2) they could only work with purely textual documents and not with other particular formats. Our collaboration was better than we could have expected. Thanks to our technical and management background, we helped them to structure and speed up the translation and achieve the quality we wanted from the beginning.

After this initial collaboration, we thought that many other people and companies were facing a problem like the one we had. So we started working on two aspects. On the one hand, we wanted to take advantage of new machine learning technologies to help speed up professional translators. On the other hand, we wanted to structure the work in such a way as to optimise the time and ensure that the customer could always be satisfied within a very short time.

And so it was. We continued to work with our new translator friends to learn as much as possible about the industry. We understood the needs and difficulties and started to develop a tool to support the translators so that they did not have to repeat work already done and could suggest how similar sentences had been translated in the past. After eight years of development and optimisation, we have created a complete tool for our professions that uses advanced self-learning technology to allow our professional translators to focus their time on translation quality without worrying about anything else. In other words, this tool gives superpowers to our Heroes.

So here we are, with customer support available seven days a week and the lowest price on the internet for such a service. You can rely on our Heroes too. With an in-house team of translators and some exceptional freelancers we use daily, we're here to provide you with the most flawless translation you can get.

Oh, and by the way, yes: if you need to translate something into English from Simplified Chinese, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic (or vice versa), you'll be using the same "big guns" we used to use years ago 😉

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make the world a better and more interesting place, one translation at a time.

Our Promise

We promise to provide super fast and accurate Translations and Transcriptions. We promise to be your translate-as-a-service team. With Hero Translate, language barriers are no longer an issue.

Our Vision

We seek to unlock the full potential of languages for everyone, everywhere.