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The importance of high-quality translations

Language is often said to reflect a nation's culture and its thought models. When you invest time in creating a content, you want its translation to be of equivalent quality. A simple informative translation is not enough.


What exactly is a white paper?

A white paper generally refers to an official report published by a national government or an international organisation on a particular topic or field of activity. The term is also used to refer to a document written by a professional expert on a subject that offers quality information of interest to a selected audience of users.

Foreign Markets

How to enter the Dutch market?

The Netherlands, known as the gateway to Europe, is a major hub of foreign-owned logistics and distribution centres, reaching over 160 million consumers within 24 hours from the country's two largest cities. If you are looking for a good point to enter the European market, you should consider this country.

Foreign Markets

How To Enter The French Market?

France is the largest country in the EU and the sixth-largest economic power globally. Its e-commerce market is the third-largest in Europe and offers great opportunities for expansion on the continent. Even if it is not the next market in your growth strategy, you should consider it, as it is a key European economy and very influential in international trade.


How to translate a magento e-commerce

Magento Commerce (now Adobe Commerce) is an open-source e-commerce platform. Translating a Magento Commerce requires a good knowledge of configuring the translation of the StoreFront, Themes, CMS contents and the whole product catalogue. You have to choose between human translation or automatic translation by installing one of the many plugins available in the "Magento MarketPlace"... In this article, we will give you our tips to translate your Magento Commerce quickly and perfectly.

Foreign Markets

How To Enter The Chinese Market?

When it comes to expanding your business abroad in search of more productive markets than the stagnant local economy, China is often cited as one of the most desirable destinations to place your products and services.


How to translate a Weebly website

In this article, we will see how to take full advantage of the potential of Weebly. In particular, we will explain in detail how to create a fully-fledged multilingual site using Weebly!

Foreign Markets

How To Enter The German Market?

Germany is undoubtedly one of the more attractive countries for companies aiming to internationalize. Physically and legislatively at the centre of the European Union, Germany has become increasingly self-sufficient over the last few decades, generating a large trade surplus. But what steps are necessary before embarking on an expansion into the German market? We have identified at least five.


How to publish a book on your own and become a best seller author

Self publishing means that you are free to publish your book without a publisher. In this article we talk to you about self-publishing, an entirely online business that allows you to publish your own book without going through the intermediary of a publisher. Also, we will explain why NOT translating it in any language prevents your book from getting viral in your language.


How to translate a WooCommerce e-commerce

What is often overlooked is that WordPress is also an excellent e-commerce solution. Although people often think of other solutions for e-commerce (PrestaShop being one name above all), it is actually possible to run an online business easily and professionally with WordPress. In this article, we will take a closer look at a specific topic, again relating to the CMS in question: how to translate WooCommerce in another language.


How to translate a PrestaShop e-commerce

For many businesses that had never thought of having an online shop, opening an e-commerce can be a real turning point. Thanks to the tools made available by the web, an e-commerce can be implemented quickly and easily, expanding the customer base and creating a whole range of new opportunities compared to traditional channels. To maximise your opportunities you may be interested in internationalising your e-commerce, so you can start selling worldwide.


Accelerating digital transformation to reinvent your company

AWS surveyed 10,000 senior and IT managers in France, Germany, Israel, Spain and the UK to understand how they managed to reinvent their business during the COVID-19 pandemic without a precise roadmap and gain insights into how they envision post-pandemic growth. Many plan to accelerate digital transformation.


How to translate an iOS app and make it international

While it is true that English is the international language par excellence, the one that everyone knows a little, it is equally true that the user likes to be as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, to the simple question "how to translate an iOS app?" Apple has provided an equally simple tool: localization.


Copywriting: what it is and why it is so essential for communication

Copywriting is the activity that concerns the textual universe of web content, making it suitable for it in order to promote a given product or service. It happens every day that you read captions underneath social content or visit a website and find yourself faced with blocks of very long text written in a complicated way or being bored after three seconds of reading. Well, the copywriter's job is also to avoid these mistakes.


Marketing Funnel: a simple but effective explanation of what it is and how to create an effective one

Limiting waste of time and money is often a must for business owners. For this reason, it is extremely useful to create an effective Marketing Funnel, which, if used well, allows you to attract only those customers who are genuinely interested in what you are offering. Here is the complete guide.


Competitiveness in a Post-Pandemic World

In a post-COVID-19 world, where people's interactions with a company's brand may be entirely online, ensuring that the user experience is positive in all languages will become increasingly important. Consumers may be less forgiving in times like these. Hence, companies that will meet and exceed their expectations with the right strategy and content are more likely to gain customer loyalty and create relative lifetime value.


What are the most popular languages in Europe?

Here you will find the list of the top ten most spoken languages in Europe: see if you can guess which ones occupy the top spots!


How to Improve your Amazon Ranking in 2022

If you already have your own e-commerce and want to expand your visibility, or if you want to start selling directly on a marketplace, Amazon is the right place for you. But selling on Amazon follows a different logic than other marketplaces. In this article, we will explain the main seven factors that prevent you from making any sales at all, or in the contrary, that will explode your sales!


Shopify Multilingual - How to Translate Your Shopify Store

How To Create A Multilingual Shopify Website. If you want to set up an e-commerce shop to sell internationally, you'll need to figure out how to answer this question. Consider, in fact, that the web allows you to expand your sales globally greatly. In this article, we explain how to translate a Shopify store.


What is proofreading?

A manuscript, even after the necessary editing phase, continues to present a series of critical points that you need to resolve before moving on to page layout: proofreading serves precisely to bring these two moments together, preparing the text so that the typesetter can work on it in the most profitable way.


What are the most popular languages in the World (in term of native speakers)?

Here you will find the list of the top ten most spoken languages in the World: see if you can guess which ones occupy the top spots!


Selling abroad: tips for doing it right without wasting time and money

Anyone who has a business knows that exporting their products abroad is now of vital importance. So what tips are helpful for you to know about selling abroad? Read our guide to internationalization and find out what you should not underestimate before going international.


Why you should translate your website

Regardless of the sector in which your business operates, increasing the amount of internet traffic to your site as much as possible should always be your primary goal. Nowadays, the Internet makes it easier to connect with an incredible number of people than ever before. Millions of people surf the net, and the number is set to increase as the population grows.


What is the Blockchain?

From some years, there is a lot of talk about Blockchain technology. We are in a historical moment in which this innovation is catalysing a lot of attention, but too often we are still stuck in a fairly generalised confusion between Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Blockchain Platforms, Smart Contracts and so on...


What is an NFT?

In 2021 everybody talked about Non Fungible Tokens, more commonly referred to as NFTs. News of multi-million dollar purchases, but also public criticism and misconceptions in people. A bit like what happened with the birth of cryptocurrencies. So what is an NFT?


Why translating a book is essential?

Do you belive that in a period of just fifteen years (2001 - 2016), translated literary fiction almost doubled in sales? Authors who take their work seriously should consider translation - breaking into this market from many different angles will only help you in the long run.

Technical English

Technical English for Mechanical Engineering - Basic Technical Vocabulary

Technical English is different from the English taught at secondary schools. This article covers the essential tools for every mechanical engineering student to enlarge their knowledge and work in an international surrounding.