Shopify Multilingual - How to Translate Your Shopify Store

L. Giopp
by L. Giopp - 6 min read - Sun 23 Oct, 2022
Shopify Multilingual - How to Translate Your Shopify Store

Shopify multilingual: how to do it? If you want to set up an e-commerce shop to sell internationally, you'll need to figure out how to answer this question. Consider, in fact, that the web allows you to expand your sales globally greatly.

How do you set up a multilingual Shopify? There is no need to tell you that this question is crucial to the success of your e-commerce created on this platform. The reason? Today, the translation of an e-commerce is very important to increase your products' target audience and convince potential foreign buyers that they should turn to you, not someone else. The Internet, in fact, breaks down the walls of space and time: selling abroad is a bit like selling on the corner of your home. But you need to know how to communicate with others if you want to take advantage of the latent potential of this exciting opportunity. So if you've chosen Shopify as your sales platform, there are a few apps that, combined with Hero Translate, will help you meet this challenge.

Are you in a hurry? Here there is the short version, but we suggest you to read carefully throughout the article:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings.
  2. Click Languages.
  3. In Translated languages, click Add Language.
  4. Choose a language from the drop-down menu, then click Add.
  5. Click Visit Shopify App Store and follow the steps to install a translation app to your store.

Basically, you have to choose between different translation apps that will automatically translate your text. We suggest you use Langify, Multi Lingo, LangShop or G-Translate. Some of them provide you with automatic translations, and as you can imagine, the translations are horrible. Still, this is the most effective way to proceed.

  1. Create a NEW USER in the Translation App (so NOT in Shopify, only in the App) and share with us the credentials.
  2. When we have the credentials of the Translation App we can fix all the translations. Generally, we have to translate everything from the beginning manually, but unfortunately, there isn't another way to do it without the Translation Apps.

You need to use a translation app…

You can install several apps on Shopify to translate the pages of your site, whether manually or automatically. Obviously, the advice is to avoid the second option: not only because you're likely to get something incomprehensible, but also because it will damage your image.

One of the application we would like to introduce to you is Langify, a particularly comprehensive app for multilingual Shopify that allows you to import and export translations of your e-commerce. It also adds an intelligent switch button to the pages of your website: this will allow your visitors to switch languages. Among other things, langify can also identify the country the user is coming from and automatically change the language according to it.

What about Shopify Multilingual? Other apps

If you're wondering which apps to use for multilingual Shopify, know that there are many others besides langify. Even though they all do the same thing (more or less). But you might find that you're better off with one app than another, not least to see what impact the switch buttons have on your e-commerce. So what are the other apps for switching languages on Shopify? Multi Lingo is undoubtedly one of the best. This app also allows you to upload your own customised translations and has an automatic translation service, which we do not recommend using. The most interesting thing about this Shopify’s app is the fact that it does not change the theme of your e-commerce in the slightest. Finally, LangShop and G-Translate also has more or less the same functions.

Google Translate Widget: Why is it better not to use it?

Google Translate Widget is one of the easiest addons to use for multilingual Shopify, but it's also one of the sloppiest. If Google Translate translations were perfect, it would be the best strategy ever. But since that's not the case, we recommend avoiding both this and all the automatic translation features of multilingual Shopify apps.

The importance of multilingual e-commerce

For most of the history of commerce, businesses were limited to interacting only with people who lived in a nearby geographical area of 'expertise'. And so, we ended up buying clothes, furniture, insurance and office supplies (and, of course, not just these products!) from local businesses in our town. All we knew was that it was possible to buy what we needed directly from them and... little else. The competition was much more restricted, as it was the possibility to research alternatives.

In short, today companies of all shapes and sizes can sell their products and services to people in their own city or in the remotest place in the world with equal ease. Indeed, the web offers incredible opportunities to increase revenues and boost profits. However, to maximise reach, businesses also need to communicate not only in their native language but also in the target languages of their customers. And woe betide if you think that simply localising your e-commerce in English is enough: after all, Asia, Latin America/Caribbean and Africa each have more Internet users than North America. Not only that: many European markets such as Germany and France are irresistible destinations for one's own expansion projects and... not all locals can speak English properly.

Besides, are you sure that even an English-speaking German would want to buy from your e-commerce? Don't you think they might prefer to shop from a German site, or at least a site that shows such attention to the German market?

Without anticipating too many conclusions, think about a first evaluation that we want to share with you: a distinguishing mark of many successful companies today is precisely the ability to communicate in more than one language with their customers. Your website is the perfect starting point: try to localise your e-commerce on your target market and avoid underestimating all the benefits you can gain from such a strategy. How? You're wondering what they are?

Increase website traffic

If your website looks professional and accessible, you will gain more customers and loyalty among them. In this era of smartphones and constant e-connectivity, there is no doubt that your company's website will be one of the first (and maybe the only one. You have only one shot, don’t forget it!) place through which you can make a strong impression. In fact, 61% of global Internet users search for products online, so your website can't help but quickly become one of your best tools when it comes to marketing.

That being said, consider the impact that multilingual content can have on your web traffic since over 50% of all Google searches are in languages different from English. There is no doubt that the ability to engage with global customers will significantly increase your website traffic, for what is essentially an immediate return.

Build customer loyalty

Of course, localising your e-commerce in a target market language that you feel is strategic will convince people to visit your website and convert visitors into loyal customers!

Did you know, for example, that you only have 4 seconds to capture the attention of visitors and turn them into potential customers? Most visitors leave a website after a visit that lasts less than 8 seconds. This means that the content must be appealing and, more importantly, it must be accurately translated. You have probably spent valuable time and money making the English content of your site look amazing, so you must do the same when translating pages into other languages.

But how do you do it?

You've probably come across machine translation tools or plugins on the Internet that promise you miracles in this regard. Indeed, it is hard to resist their temptations: they are cheap and easy to use, but unfortunately, they cannot guarantee a linguistically correct localisation of the website. At all.

Therefore, a professional, high-quality translation service that localises your content is essential. This will be your only real option if you are serious about reaching global markets with new customers and maximising your business opportunities! And we at Hero Translate are the right choice for you, as we were for 10.000 businesses like yours.

In short, try to steer clear of the temptation to resort to these automatic translation systems which - rest assured - will certainly not create a professional and accurate localisation service for you, making your e-commerce look unattractive and undedicated in the eyes of the potential customer. The impression you will generate in them will therefore not be the best, with the consequence that not only will you not achieve the desired result, but you will probably achieve the opposite result: disaffection towards your commercial project!


Before deciding how you would like to localise your e-commerce into a target language, you should also take a closer look at what your competitors are doing. Multilingual websites are becoming increasingly common today, and translating your site can provide a significant competitive advantage. It could be your biggest marketing move!

Do you need further proof before moving in this direction? Remember that a study carried out a few years ago revealed that 63% of people surveyed were more likely to make purchases from a website available in their native language. However, 73% of these same people stated that they constantly encountered sites that were not available in their mother tongue. In short, a divergence that you should exploit, because in this way you will be able to take market positions that your competitors currently underserve.

In short, a multilingual website allows everyone to get in touch with more people around the world, while offering a world-class customer service experience. This is an investment that will undoubtedly generate very positive returns for your e-commerce project, which is why we suggest you do not underestimate it or overlook it.

Now that you know how to translate your Shopify store, you can get an Instant Quote or Contact Us and take advantage of a 10% Discount on your first order and become part of the 10.000+ companies and professionals that used Hero Translate to exploit international markets successfully!


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