How to request a professional translation in a few simple clicks

How to request a professional translation in a few simple clicks
L. Giopp
L. Giopp
Thu 24 Feb, 2022

Traditionally, the cost of a translation varies depending on two factors: the number of words in the file to be translated and the subject of the project (e.g. fiction, legal, medical, etc.). Knowing the subject of the document to be translated is important to assign the translation to the professional with the appropriate expertise. Clearly, knowing the number of words is necessary to calculate the price according to the rate of the professional translator identified.

On Hero Translate, you can request an instant quote to translate a document at any time. Dozens of document types are supported. Commonly used files such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, HTML, JSON and XML are well supported. And these are just a few examples. In a nutshell, thanks to Hero Translate's automatic word calculator, you won't have to wait for a manually made quote, and you will get a clear and immediate answer with no surprises. Of course, if you have special needs, you can always contact us, and we will answer you in less than an hour.

Continue reading the guide to find out more, or click here if you want to try our automatic calculator directly!

Note: The calculator does not work in the case of handwritten documents. However, in such cases, you can simply contact us here (using the form or the live chat) or write an email to, and we will be happy to provide you with a quote tailored to your needs.

Below, we will take a step-by-step look at how to create an instant quote for the translation of a document.

The Calculator page

From any page of the Hero Translate website, you can click on the "Order now" button to go to the page where you can estimate the cost and time associated with the translation of your document. Alternatively, you can click here.

What you will see is the following screen:

Generatore di ordini automatico

"What do you need" selection

When generating a quote on Hero Translate, the first thing to specify is the type of task you are looking for. In this article, we are focusing on translations. However, you can also request transcriptions or proofreading. To do this, simply click on one of the options from the first drop-down menu.

Selezione del task desiderato

Subject selection

Once you have specified what you need (e.g., Translation), you can select the subject of your document. There are more than thirty choices, covering almost every topic and area of expertise. Depending on the topic you specify, we will be able to direct your translation to the most suitable translator in the shortest possible time.

To choose the desired subject, make your selection from the dedicated drop-down menu, as shown in the following screenshot. In case of doubt, you can always select "General".

Selezione dell’ambito

Source Language Selection

What language is your document currently written in? Again, just select the source language from the drop-down menu. Correctly specifying the source language is important to quickly direct the translation to the right person and obtain the best possible price and delivery time.

Note: sometimes, we come across orders where the language indicated is different from the actual language of the document. This is not a problem in itself, and we will still work on your project immediately. However, it may be necessary to agree on a different price and delivery time in rare cases.

Selezione della lingua d’origine

Selection of target language(s)

Do you want to translate your file into French? Or Russian? Or in multiple languages? Whatever your needs, it can be done! Simply select all the target languages you want from the drop-down menu. Please bear in mind that, as is logical, selecting two languages will double the costs.

Selezione della(e) lingua(e) di destinazione

Note: unlike the Source Language, where we can check the consistency of the document with what is indicated, for target languages, we can do no more than stick to what is indicated in your order. However, suppose you realise that you have made a mistake after placing your order. In this case, you can contact the Project Manager responsible for your order at any time to request a change.

Word Count

At this point, there are two options to proceed:

  1. If you do not yet have the document to be translated, you can manually enter the number of words to estimate the cost.
  2. If you have the document, click on "Upload file(s) - Automatic check". In this case, a modal will open to allow you to upload your files and automatically calculate the number of words.

Selezione della(e) lingua(e) di destinazione

Modale di upload files

You can now Drag & Drop files or click on the bar at the top to upload all the files by selecting them directly from your computer. Something similar to the screenshot below will appear on your screen once the upload is completed and the word count is completed.

File Caricati

At this point, you can see the word count for each file upload. By clicking on the "Done" button, you will be able to view the total word count of all documents. After that, you can calculate the quotes by simply clicking on "Calculate Price".

Price Calculation

We have different offers that you can select based on your needs: Standard, Professional and Premium. You can choose a specific offer by clicking on "Order". At this point, you will be redirected to the order summary page, similar to the one shown below.

Calcolatore Ordine Immediato Compilato - Calcola Prezzi

Diverse offerte di servizio

Pagina di riepilogo Ordine

On the order summary page, you are asked to name the project and, if you want to include a note for the project manager and/or translator(s). Also, on this page, it is possible to enter a discount code that will automatically recalculate the final price of your order.

Note: did you know that you are entitled to a 10% discount on your first order by subscribing to Hero Translate Newsletter? Take advantage of it now!.

If you have not already logged in, you need to click "Continue". This will allow you to log in without leaving the page. If you do not already have an account, you can easily create one directly from this page. Once you have logged in or created a new account, you will be able to see the "Send Order" button.

Inviare l'ordine

By clicking on "Send order", you will officially start a new order. Immediately, a modal will appear asking you if you want to go to your private account page (where you can view your order) or if you want to make the payment directly!

Ordine Completato

That's all you need to do: once you have paid for your order, the project manager assigned to your project will ensure its success. He will periodically supervise the translator to whom the translation has been assigned, ensuring that it is completed on time. In addition, he will be at your disposal in case of need. When the translation is completed, you will receive an email informing you of its completion. You will be able to download the finished work directly from your private account page.


With Hero Translate, requesting a translation is straightforward! What's more, it guarantees you the highest levels of professional quality and support.

It takes no more than two minutes to request a professional translation. Thanks to our innovative automatic word count system, you can see the cost and time associated with your project in advance. There are no surprises of any kind, and you won't have to wait hours for a reply. In just a few simple clicks, your documents will be ready to go international, thanks to Hero Translate.

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