Why you should translate your website

L. Castelli
by L. Castelli - 3 min read - Sun 23 Oct, 2022
Why you should translate your website

Regardless of the sector in which your business operates, increasing the amount of internet traffic to your site as much as possible should always be your primary goal. Nowadays, the Internet makes it easier to connect with an incredible number of people than ever before. Millions of people surf the net, and the number is set to increase as the population grows.

Today's business world has opened up previously unimaginable possibilities and opportunities for growth and expansion in more than one country. But the real question people keep asking is: "how can I increase the internet traffic on my website and reach markets that speak a different language from mine?".

The best option is to create a multilingual site. Although English is considered an internationally accepted language for doing business, to reach different target audiences and increase internet traffic to your site, you need to adapt it to the language of the visitors you are targeting.

According to a survey by Entrepreneur, 70% of users do not speak English as their mother tongue, and according to the Common Sense Advisory, 75% of internet users decide not to buy any products on sites where the description is not in their native language.

5 reasons why you should create a multilingual site

It helps you improve communication with your customers

The most obvious consequence of extending the language options of your website is to improve the communication you have with your international customers. As we have seen above, if the customer does not understand what you are selling, their chances of buying from you are reduced to a minimum.

Increase traffic to your site

Improved communication obviously means an increase in user visits to your site from all over the world. A multilingual site can increase traffic in just a few weeks. The British entrepreneur Neil Patel did an experiment and translated his site www.neilpatel.com into 82 languages, **increasing traffic by 47% in just three weeks and noticed that searches for him on search engines increased exponentially, achieving extraordinary growth.

Improve your market positioning and build trust in your business

Increased visitors to your site means increased awareness of your brand and market positioning. A multilingual site will attract more people from more parts of the world who will discover your product or service and, if well positioned, recognise you as the best solution to their problems. In this way, you can set yourself above from the competition because you inspire confidence in people who will share your products to their friends and acquaintances. In addition, a site translated into several languages will increase your credibility exponentially: sites built in more than one language are perceived as global by users, and an international company is trustworthy.

It is a customer-centric site and improves the user experience

Providing a site in more than one language shows Internet users that your main goal is to put the user at the centre, to take care of them. Making this effort shows that you really want to take care of your site visitors and enable them to understand what they will get from you. And as in all things, even in business, if the customer understands that you are taking care of them, they will want to buy from you.

Increase your sales

The most obvious result and the goal that everyone has is obviously to increase sales. This is what drives every company to make key decisions, such as creating a multilingual site.

It is not just a matter of attracting new users but also, and above all, of making them loyal customers. As you know, you only have a few seconds to grab a user's attention and turn them into a paying customer. This means that your content must be interesting but, above all, accurately translated into the user's language. Just as you have spent most of your time producing content in your native language, you must do the same when you decide to publish in other languages.

You may have noticed that plugin that promises you a cheap and fast translation, but as we all know by now, they can't guarantee you anything even close to a correct translation and proper web indexing. It is essential to use a professional translation service that allows you to adapt the content of your website to the language, habits and culture of the international audience you are targeting.


We have seen, in numbers, that the vast majority of users do not buy anything that is not translated into their own language and even almost 80% of Internet users complain that they only find English sites that are not available in their mother tongue. So why not make this small effort that can bring great satisfaction? At Hero Translate, we can be your trustworthy partner who will get your business to the next level in as many countries as you want!

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