Copywriting: what it is and why it is so essential for communication

P. De Paoli
by P. De Paoli - 2 min read - Sun 23 Oct, 2022
Copywriting: what it is and why it is so essential for communication

Copywriting is the activity that concerns the textual universe of web content, making it suitable for it in order to promote a given product or service. It happens every day that you read captions underneath social content or visit a website and find yourself faced with blocks of very long text written in a complicated way or being bored after three seconds of reading. Well, the copywriter's job is also to avoid these mistakes.

Why 'content is king'?

In the ocean of content that can be found on the web, some are valuable and some are not. With the growth of accessibility, everyone can put content on the internet, transforming from consumer to prosumer (content producers and consumers together). It is mainly because of this that it has become increasingly important to stand out from the tide through the content you produce.

Content is King (a phrase uttered by Bill Gates in a speech in 1996) means just that: in an ocean of worthless content, you can distinguish yours in terms of reliability, originality and interest, giving it value in the eyes of your target audience. For this reason, over the years, the biggest search engine (Google) has created filters so that the most valuable contents emerge among its results. These, rewarded by the search engine, guarantee traffic, visibility and, therefore, conversions.

What is copywriting? And why is it so important?

Of all the content that can be created (photos, videos), great importance is given to the text that accompanies or characterises the content in its entirety. Copywriting consists of writing marketing-oriented texts for websites, e-mail marketing, social networks, brochures and advertisements. But that's not all; copywriting can be defined as the activity of writing persuasive and conversion-oriented content, requiring different techniques depending on the medium adopted.

The evolution of the role of the copywriter

The term copywriter originated in the 19th century as a reference to people who wrote advertisements in journalism. Over time and with the evolution of mass media, the copywriter has increasingly become an advertiser, working in advertising or communication agencies. Today, with digital marketing, copywriting is an essential aspect of online communication. The copywriter takes care of all the textual aspects of online content: advertising on social media, articles for company websites written with a focus on SEO, texts written with a view to a good user experience for websites, etc.

Therefore it is not just a question of writing correctly, but of being able, through the texts, to persuade the user to take action, whether it be buying a product or service or responding to a call to action to stimulate user engagement and increase awareness of the reputation of a company and its brand.

What the copywriter does

The copywriter studies the brand for which he has to write the text, his tone of voice, the general target audience and the specific one to which the message must be transmitted. The text must also adapt to the type of communication channel chosen (each means of communication has rules to follow and requires different languages).

After this analysis work, the copywriter should be able to bring a creative idea to what he wants to communicate, giving originality to the textual content to arouse, thanks to it, the interest of the user or consumer. The purpose of the copywriter is to sell, but he cannot do this only in an informative way. He should stimulate memories and feelings strategically by appealing to the user's emotions.


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