How to Improve your Amazon Ranking in 2022

L. Castelli
by L. Castelli - 3 min read - Sun 23 Oct, 2022
How to Improve your Amazon Ranking in 2022

Amazon is currently the most important marketplace for those who want to sell their products online.

If you already have your own e-commerce and want to expand your visibility, or if you want to start selling directly on a marketplace, Amazon is the right place for you.

But selling on Amazon follows a different logic than other marketplaces. In this article, we will explain the main seven factors that prevent you from making any sales at all, or in the contrary, that will explode your sales!

Amazon Search Engine

Amazon is something more than a mere selling platform. Amazon is a real e-commerce search engine, where billions of users search every day to buy products. It is a bit like surfing on Google; the only difference is that the search intention is mainly informative on the Big G. On Amazon, on the other hand, people express a conscious and intentional demand to buy a product.

Their search engine offers more than 500 million products, and most clicks take place on the first page of Amazon's search results. So to get your product chosen and increase sales, you need to appear first.

Now that you understand that having a good Amazon ranking is a bright idea to make yourself visible to potential customers and to increase revenue, let's start explaining how you can optimize your presence with Amazon SEO. Basically, the only thing that matter on improving your ranking on Amazon.

Amazon SEO: ranking factors

Amazon's business model answers the question 'what is the product most likely to be bought'?

Based on this, the algorithm ranks products according to their propensity to sell. With this in mind, working on Amazon SEO is the ONLY way to get a great Amazon ranking.

So let's take a detailed look at the ranking factors that you need to bear in mind in your Amazon SEO strategy.

Keyword matching

Keywords must be relevant to the product you are selling and should be included in the title, bullet point, product description, search terms, and reviews and comments. Being aware that more than 50% of buyers on Amazon always read the product description when they plan to buy means you have everything in place to generate conversions.


The number of items purchased, conversion rates, buying with other products, and pricing strategies all influence your rank. Optimize each element and make strategic choices. For example, if you add a new product at a lower price than the average competitor, your product will be inclined to go up.

The sales history is relevant because Amazon's logarithm will index your product based on the keywords in the tab and how many sales you have for each keyword. Again, if you select the right keywords, this means to Amazon that your product is relevant to users and will therefore reward you by getting you in the SERPs.


The click-through rate on Amazon directly impacts the ranking of the product because the algorithm favours products that are more likely to sell.

The CTR is influenced by the title, description, quality images, number of reviews and customer ratings. This is why it is important to focus on the keywords that are really relevant to your product, because entering the wrong ones can lower your CTR.

Ensuring that you perform well in these factors helps improve your monetary performance and ensures that you climb the rankings.

Reputation and seller authority

As with traditional shop management, building a good brand reputation online is necessary.

On Amazon this is derived from the number of positive feedbacks, sales growth rate and the number of products in stock. The more you sell and the more satisfying the customer experience, the better your Amazon ranking will be and therefore the more likely you are to appear in the SERPs.

On-page and off-page performance

The number of views on each page and time spent on the product page, the quantity and, above all, the quality of external referrals have a decisive impact on the ranking of your product.

External traffic, in particular, includes traffic from social media, email or other sources directly to your products on Amazon.

The equation is simple: more quality external traffic equals more sales opportunities.

Customer satisfaction

Amazon's core business is to ensure the best possible User Experience. Reviews, ratings, questions & answers, quality of information and your customer-friendliness help you climb the Amazon rankings, increase your conversion rate and boost your sales.

International reach

If you want to boost your ranking overall, you can’t forget to do it in other languages, even if you are not ready to expand internationally.

In fact, Amazon implicitly knows that an international company is more likely to offer a serious service, and that’s all that Amazon need to know. That means that a company focused only on the French market (as an example) is less likely to rank at the top of the searches even in France compared with a competitor already established in other languages.

To expand internationally, you just need to translate your listings considering the above ranking factors. But you must do it right, and for that reason we at Hero Translate can be your winning partner. We have already helped 240+ companies translate their Amazon listings with perfect SEO optimization, so get in contact with us if you want to know more.


There is no magic solution to appearing in Amazon SERPs to make you stand out from your competitors. Your presence needs to be meticulously designed to get real results over time. With constant SEO strategy work for Amazon, you will achieve long-term results and earn the title of a good seller, and Amazon will reward you by putting you on the platform's podium.

So after you set up a proper SEO strategy on your main language, you can transfer us to the last fundamental step towards your success on Amazon: going international.

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